Proms & Parties

Proms & Parties

No matter the look you’re going for, we can help to create a magical and enchanting evening for your social gathering.¬† We help our clients to build on their vision, whether you’re going for a themed event or an elaborate party atmosphere, we’ll use different design elements to achieve your desired look. Our professional team is capable of creating one of a kind lighting fixtures to custom back drop designs.

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We offer many services beyond those listed on this page and will gladly accommodate custom requests. Let us know what you have in mind!

High School Proms in Chattanooga

High School Proms

There is not a theme we will not tackle to create an immersive and exciting prom experience for the students of your school!

Custom Photobooth Backdrops

Custom Photobooth Backdrops

We love working with you to design backdrops that can be created with the inspiration of theme, color tradition or sentimental element. We love thinking outside the box with you.

Custom GOBOs for Events

Custom GOBOs

Logos, monograms, and themed images can be used to create custom lit GOBOs to make your venue special for you and your guests.

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