Custom Design

We incorporate ideas from the client as well as lean on past experiences to create a unique look. This can range from a grand 13 foot chandelier with 76 Edison bulbs (used exclusively at The Church on Main) to a dance floor covered in chandeliers hung at varying heights, visions of a moonlit starry night using twinkle-lights, to a vision of a themed event coming to life from the ceiling down using many different design elements. Our Professional team is capable of creating one of a kind lighting fixture to custom back drop designs. We love a good challenge!

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We offer many services beyond those listed on this page and will gladly accommodate custom requests. Let us know what you have in mind!

Illumination & Lighting

Creative use of up-lighting and color washes, pin spots, and string lighting are the most popular lighting services. You can change the entire look of a venue or enhance the natural beauty of the venue with up-lighting. The most cost-effective lighting technique is to envelope a space in ambient light keeping important details such as centerpieces or the wedding cake out of the dark with pin spots. Outdoor events with a canopy of bistro lights feel intimate while being functionally lit with a great decor element.

Lighting is a specialty service unique to each event. Enlisting a lighting company allows you to achieve your desired look with the confidence that you are getting the best design and well-versed advice, making your event as special as it can and should be.


Using lightweight fabrics as drapery is a simple way to instantly transform a room from cold to bold. Draping is what we do and we do it very well! Drapery can be used to cover unsightly walls, create grand entrances, transform ceilings, use in backdrops, and overall to change the look of a room, space, or venue. Fabric walls from ceiling to floor can make an incredible difference in any room. White or ivory drapery coupled with up-lighting can dramatically change the look and color of a room with the touch of a button.

Decor 1601 offers an array of drapery services to enclose, soften, divide, color, mask, or swag any area. Whether functional or decorative, pipe and drape can transform your venue into the perfect layout or set the tone to achieve the desired look for your vision.

Related features & services...

A color wash and / or accent lighting highlights the elements you do not want your guest to miss throughout your event! Make sure your bar, DJ/band, food stations, and important design elements do not get lost.

String lighting is a perfect way to create an intimate atmosphere. Not only is it beautiful, draped lighting over your event space allows important elements in the room to be brought out of the dark. Whether outdoors or indoors, string lighting can functionally highlight, enclose areas and also as a unique touch when creatively strung throughout a venue.

We offer many different looks and colors which can be enhanced by elegantly draped swags, iridescent beading, and lighting. Our wedding Backdrops are often used for the Ceremony, Bride & Groom’s Table and Cake table. These settings are where most of the wedding photos will be taken, so you want them to be extra elegant. Backdrops can be created with the inspiration of theme, color tradition or sentimental element. We love thinking outside the box.

Our corporate Backdrops can help with the overall presentation and delivery of your message by the use of different fabrics, color, dimension and simplicity, lighting and the use of props.

Chandeliers can add a striking visual effect to your ceremony, reception, dance floor, bar or anywhere you’re looking to add the unexpected. We have a wide range of chandeliers to fit you event atmosphere. Our most popular chandelier is an original design featuring 76 Edison bulbs hanging from a 13 foot round chandelier (used exclusively at The Church on Main). Other popular fixtures are our two tier all crystal or our brass and crystal chandeliers. We also specialize in rustic chandeliers hung individually or in varying combinations. We also create unique chandeliers to meet your lighting needs and complete the look we can use fabric, beading, and additional lighting.

Decor 1601 has a vast inventory of the perfect decorative lighting accents that will complement your design aesthetic. Choose from hanging mason jars, Edison bulbs, lanterns or cluster lights to add the perfect finishing touch to your event.

For centuries candles and lanterns have been used not only for lighting but for creating and atmosphere and ambiance.

Whether it is a part of your décor or to help better guide guest through the venue, outdoor lighting is beautiful and an important event addition. Some of the services we provide are tent lighting, up lighting trees, marking paths and entrances.

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